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I can see the stars again

It rained tonight, finally. The West Wind blew a day early this year, on Sept 14th, but it's still been pretty during the day. Tonight though, I put on PoA so I could work on some knitting, and it must have rained while I was watching the movie. I went outside and it was cool and the sky was clear and there was even a little moisture in the air from the rain. It's actually more stuffy inside than out, for once. I love standing on my porch and looking at the stars; it's most of the reason I still smoke from time to time (although I've only gone through half a pack of cigarettes this year so far...yay me). Anyway I haven't been able to chill on my porch for a long time since it's been so hot and the mosquitos have been around all summer. Gah I'm doing a really rambling shitty job of it, but the point of all this is to say I'm so glad it's cool and I get to start standing on my porch at night again.

My new pseudo-sister-in-law (daughter of the woman Gandalf married, only he's not really my dad) had a baby two Tuesdays ago. He's so cute and absolutely the tiniest human being I've ever seen in my life. I mean I knew babies were small but I'd never actually seen one that just got born before. I saw this one on the very same day he was born, and it was...interesting. I had some mild panicky bad feelings the first time I saw him, but the more I saw him the easier it got. I don't know how long it will take me to be comfortable again about babies or marriage, if I ever will be at all. But I like this baby and I like his mom, and I'm taking this opportunity to knit again. Babies are great to knit for.
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