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A week of (minor) victories

Little things that I'm happy about this week:

1. I did battle with Imperial County, and I think I may have won this time! I may have actually secured two encroachment permits, which is the first step in getting building permits. The best thing is that I think I finally understand the process and order of everything that has to be done to put a house in. There's a lot of running back and forth between Public Works, Planning, and Building, but it makes a bit more sense now. I'll find out sometime next week, probably, whether we have been issued the permits or not. *Crosses fingers*

2. I made a slightly sad but yummy Golden Chiffon cake. It was beautiful, but then I took it for a rather long car ride where it slid amongst pillows and suitcases for several hours. Rowena and I dubbed it our "Sad Cake" since it got all squished and the icing got melty. But it tasted good.

3. I did not lose money playing blackjack this weekend. In fact, I won $100 (w00t).

4. Gandalf's wedding was beautiful and I only cried like a girl once, and I'm pretty sure that no one saw me.

5. I was able to have a phone conversation with a prospective house-buyer entirely in Spanish. I only had to use "Lo siento, no entiendo" once.

6. I made a swingin' Coffee Torte for the AA potluck tonight. It was Don's one-year "birthday," and there was a big old celebration...because we like to eat stuff and hang out. So I made two layer coffee torte with orange filling and mocha frosting. It came out looking much better than my previous Sad Cake.
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