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Today's "wtf?" moment

So about a year and a half ago, I was in Texas visiting my boyfriend, and while I was there he decided he was going to cheat on me with this girl from Spain. Long story short, everything blew over in a couple weeks and when I had calmed down I sent the girl an email apologizing for becoming angry at her. She wrote back saying it was understandable, I wished her the best, she said "likewise" and we all went on our merry little ways. It's not like we had anything further to discuss, so I haven't heard from her since. Except today in my inbox I got a forwarded/chain letter from her detailing the proper way to dispose of cooking oil after you fry something*. Huh?? The best part is, the whole email was in Spanish...she doesn't even know I speak Spanish, since all of our previous exchanges were in English. I'm sure she just clicked on my name accidentally in her address book or something, but I just find it mildly amusing.

*And if anyone cares, you're apparently supposed to pour the oil into a plastic container and then throw it in the trash rather than dumping it down the sink. Probably a good idea.
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