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Art Post 2

Alright, it's day two and I haven't slacked off yet (yayz), so here's piece number two. The story behind it is that FFX-2 was lame. One thing that bugged me a lot was Paine. I mean, she's an okay character I guess, but really why did she suddenly materialize in FFX's universe? Anyway, I think things would be better if Lulu were there too. Maybe not better enough to make the game not an utter piece of crap, but better. Which brings me to the dress spheres. Each character is capable of doing many different jobs, and to change between jobs in a fight, the character changes her outfit. These outfits are called dress spheres (because FFX-world has a thing for spheres) and there is one for each job. So this is Lulu in the black mage dress sphere, which I would assume to be her default costume. In keeping with the style of some of the changes in character appearance from FFX to X-2, I shortened her hair and had her using one of Yuna's wands from FFX. I colored it with the paint bucket tool because I am way to lazy to do full coloring after spending all day inking the damn thing to begin doesn't look all that impressive though. Maybe I ought to have left it just ink. Oh well, w/e, here it is:

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